Powerful boards

With enhanced columns, labels and conversations.

Columns View

Familiar columns view is for grouping and prioritizing tasks in a meaningful way. Use it to create new tasks and place them in the right columns.

Enhanced columns

Each column can provide details just like cards. They can be used as super tasks or provide some high-level information.

Team View

The same cards can be viewed in Team view. It is designed to see how tasks are distributed between teammates. Use it to analyze workload and make assignee switches.

Labels system

In teams view and columns view, discover labels and enhance your cards. In labels view you can see all labels of the space, analyze them and create new ones if necessary.

Details and discussions

Each card provides a familiar messaging experience for you to discuss and share ideas in the context. Attachments and text editor here's for you to provide more details.

Unlimited boards

Make an unlimited amount of boards. Each board is an isolated environment for columns, cards and labels.

What is next?

Enhance and improve current functionality

Develop the iOS and Android mobile apps

Automations and integrations

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